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You focus on the big picture. We’ll sweat the small stuff.

Your wealth is more than accumulated assets. It’s your past, your future, your legacy. It’s your investments, your business, your capital, and your financial well-being. Here at Hightower Bethesda, we want to be your most trusted resource. Think of us as your personal CFO and then enjoy the life you’ve built. Are you ready to feel secure for the long haul? Partner with us to help protect, preserve, and enhance what you value most.

High Net Worth Individuals and Families

Our clients trust us with life-changing financial decisions. But sometimes life doesn’t go as planned. That’s why we work with you and your family to develop a personalized plan that can change as life changes. And position you for future success no matter what’s around the corner. 

At Hightower Bethesda, we create plans that enrich your current lifestyle without sacrificing the attainability of your long-term goals. From wealth transfer and educating the next generation, to retirement planning and new business ventures, we focus on optimizing your wealth and preserving your legacy. All so you can focus on living the life of your dreams — and loving it.

High-Income Earners

Your greatest asset right now is your earnings potential. The decisions you make now can determine your ability to have a work-optional lifestyle sooner than others. You also may be balancing other lifestyle choices and trying to find the right mix of savings and spending. 

Business Owners & Partners

Building a business is no small endeavor. Let us help you protect it. Tap into our knowledge and rely on us like your personal CFO. We can help you gain confidence in the security of your legacy — one financial decision at a time. Learn how we can sharpen your focus on the future with strategic consultation, personalized investment solutions, and long-term planning.

Corporate Executives

To be successful in business, you need a strong plan with the experience to manage financial goals and investment considerations. Make Hightower Bethesda the CFO of your personal life and we’ll help you manage your finances today, so you can make the most of your tomorrow. You worked for it. We’ll help you grow it.

Women & Wealth

Whether you are a highly skilled executive looking for guidance on complex decisions, a small business owner hoping to outsource your financial management, or an independent woman who recently experienced a major life event, the team at Hightower Bethesda can help get you where you want to be. As a majority female team, our advisors have life experience and solutions that position us to help women achieve financial confidence, control and independence.

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