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At Hightower Bethesda, each client’s portfolio is customized from a tax perspective. When someone becomes a new client, we do not just sell all their holdings, recognizing the tax consequences of these actions could be disastrous. We complete a thorough and comprehensive analysis of their existing positions and come up with a mutually agreeable strategy for implementation and long-term diversification.

We value and recognize the importance of both optimization of asset location as well as the underlying tax characteristics of the investment. We couple that with the individual’s specific tax rates and put together a tax strategy aimed at optimizing long-term, after-tax adjusted returns.

We proactively recognize tax loss harvesting opportunities and provide tax alpha for our clients whenever possible.

In fact, there are always times when investments might be down, so there are more tax loss harvesting opportunities than you might think. With capital gain rates in the DMV — Maryland, Virginia, District of Columbia and New York — being close to....

There are always various other tax planning opportunities that arise in the world of investments. Often due to the enactment of various legislation there are new and expanded tax planning opportunities. We have used opportunity zone funds for clients, assisted with understanding PPP loans for small business owners and provide retirement planning tax strategies on an ongoing basis as a few examples. We work very closely with our clients’ CPAs and can make recommendations to CPAs, if requested, but in all regards, we work hand in hand with CPAs to optimize after tax returns for our clients.

Tax guidance we provide include:

Proactive tax analysis to identify areas for tax reduction
Tax-efficient gifts, trusts, foundations and donor advised funds
Strategic estate tax planning
Preparation of tax packages for your CPA and year-round planning
401(k) and IRA plan optimization and distribution strategies
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Hightower Advisors, LLC is an SEC registered investment adviser. Securities are offered through Hightower Securities, LLC member FINRA and SIPC. Hightower Advisors, LLC or any of its affiliates do not provide tax or legal advice. This material is not intended or written to provide and should not be relied upon or used as a substitute for tax or legal advice. Information contained herein does not consider an individual's or entity's specific circumstances or applicable governing law, which may vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction and be subject to change. Clients are urged to consult their tax or legal advisor for related questions.

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