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Money is the number one stressor in our lives and is no different for women (Health Magazine, 2015). As women are generating and managing an increasing amount of wealth, stress and anxiety around financial planning and long-term goals has also increased. Hightower Bethesda wants to alleviate this stressor by helping you make smart decisions and being your trusted advisor. As a majority female team, advisors at Hightower Bethesda possess lived experience that better positions us to help women achieve financial confidence, control and independence.

Whether you’re a highly skilled executive looking for guidance on complex decisions, a small business owner hoping to outsource your financial management, or an independent woman who recently experienced a major life event, the team at Hightower Bethesda can help get you where you want to be.

Meet advisor and Director of Financial Planning at Hightower Bethesda Leah Jones:

I am passionate about supporting women to feel empowered and educated about their finances and to have the confidence to know they are making good decisions. I want women to feel they are being spoken to and their concerns are being addressed.

Women are poised to help each other succeed, women represent 51% of population and control between 70-80% of spending (Inc Magazine, 2019). However, women face significant challenges when it comes to being financially secure throughout their life, women:

Leah Jones
  • Have less saved in retirement

  • Are more likely to live longer

  • Earn less, with the ever-present wage gap

  • Are more likely to be the caregiver and consequently either make less money or have smaller lifetime savings or both

  • Are more likely to sit in cash versus invest – there are a variety of reasons for this, but the biggest one is not having a plan and feeling comfortable executing it

What are my goals in working with women?

Over the years I have grown and watched challenges faced by women along various life events. Through this I have developed goals for how I want to support women and families that I work with.   

I commit to educating the entire family and creating a legacy so your daughters will have the same investment potential over their lives as your sons.  

It’s important to me to help women find balance in life, not only with building and sustaining wealth but with fulfillment in all aspects of life. We facilitate this by planning and structuring portfolios that can keep women’s minds at ease, so they can enjoy the things that make them happy.

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Types of women we work with at Hightower Bethesda

Active Accumulators
We work with business owners, executives, and high income earners who have the ability to save and invest. Most of the time, active accumulators may have amounted large amounts of money sitting in cash, but at the end of the day, have lacked the time to deal with it. 

Often, active accumulators want to take action and might feel guilty that they haven’t. They are aware it’s an item they are letting slip through the cracks, but we understand it can feel like another chore. We’ve found once active accumulators find a partner with who can support their financial goals and help them make smart decisions it becomes such a relief.

Bethesda Women and Wealth

Passive Accumulators
We also work with divorcees and widows, who might have been passive accumulators of wealth. Generally, passive accumulators deferred to someone else for financial decisions and now find themselves in a situation where they have sole control and discretion. 

Passive accumulators are very smart and carried a lot of responsibilities in the household and this new responsibility can be extremely intimidating and overwhelming.  They tend to be fearful of making bad decisions or running out of money and sometimes this can result in inaction. We can help putting an action plan together.

Both active and passive accumulators need ongoing advice and to feel confident in their financial decisions working with someone who they can trust.  

Our goal is to provide the support women need to overcome whatever challenges they might be facing.

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