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It’s your wealth. Our role is to enrich your path.

Our financial guidance. Your long-term possibilities. At Hightower Bethesda, we provide personalized consultation, robust investment knowledge, and an unwavering focus on your goals. From estate planning to retirement, we can help you successfully manage any financial transition. Become one of our clients and we’ll help optimize your wealth, protect your hard-earned legacies, and empower your deepest passions. We’re here to help you make the most of your life. Think of us as your most trusted resource.

With 20 plus years of wealth management experience, there is one thing we know for sure: every client is different. That’s why our approach always starts by listening. Tell us about your needs, and we’ll develop a plan to help you reach your goals.

Our Investment Philosophy

We operate as a high-performance team by collaborating on all investment decisions. We hold weekly meetings and engage portfolio managers, market strategists, and economists for their insights.

We follow an alternative strategy. Steady returns. Low volatility. That is the hallmark of our investment philosophy. Our team collaborates and reviews your investments and allocation, so you can stay focused on reaching your long-term objectives. Your assets will be allocated among fixed income, equity, and alternative strategies.

Move toward your goals knowing we are working for you. You don’t have to worry about the day-to-day movements of the markets. We have your back. We strive to create a portfolio that allows mid-to-high returns with about one-third to one-half of the long-term volatility of the equity markets. We have vast experience advising clients through multiple economic crises, bubbles, and recoveries. We’ve seen it…so we can help you through it.

Our Personal CFO Mindset

Make us your personal CFO and we will help you make smart, well-informed investment decisions on an ongoing basis. At Hightower Bethesda, we take a highly personalized and coordinated approach. This is not just about your investments. This is about working closely with CPAs, estate attorneys and other professionals to plan your future. We’ll work together to ensure every financial aspect of your life is considered and formulate the right holistic plan of action, for you.

Our Approach to Financial Planning

It’s more than financial planning. It’s your financial future. As your personal CFO, we guide your plans through a Personal Financial Advisor and track your progress every step of the way; so, you can feel confident you have a plan in place for every eventuality. With our analysis at work, you know that we’re not making decisions based on gut feelings but on data and insight. We create the plan, then we optimize it and continue to revisit and reshape it as your life and goals change.

Our Fiduciary Alignment

Higher standards. Higher expectations. Working with us means collaboration with a fiduciary who manages assets according to the highest standards of trust and legal responsibility. Beyond our fiduciary focus, we support an open architecture with access to independent research and effective technologies. We’re built to be different, with no conflicts of interest. That’s because our team is run by advisors with higher expectations in mind — yours.

Hightower Structure

We have the scale and breadth of advisors that spans over 100 teams nationwide that are a part of the Hightower network and collectively over 70 Billion in assets under management. This enable us to have access to quality ideas, investments and financial planning concepts, yet at the same time gives us the autonomy to function as a fully independent team. We have the collective wisdom and cost savings associated with a larger firm with a great industry reputation through Hightower. And we have the boutique feel of a firm owned and operated by business owners who are passionate about serving their clients and helping them make smart financial decisions.

Our Structure & Focus on Customer Service

We’re in it for the long haul. Hightower Bethesda is structured differently. We are a close-knit team organized to provide seamless service for our clients. We pick up the phone when you call and reply to all inquiries within 24 hours—and usually, even more quickly. We have a team approach to working with you and serving your needs. You will have a dedicated advisor and client service associate, but we have technology and coordination behind the scenes that gives us all access to the information we would need to answer your questions, so anyone on our team will be available to help you. Our goal collectively is to provide high quality ongoing customer service to our clients, exceeding their expectations.

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